Monday, March 4, 2013

Our newest "family" member

Just over a week ago, as I was on my way to "the dump," I saw a stray dog running down the side of a busy road.  Naturally, I stopped my van and to my surprise, he hopped right inside.  I continued on my way and about 10 minutes later, I noticed my new "friend" was beginning to salivate profusely.  Seconds later, he proceeded to vomit all over the front console--and I watched in utter horror and disgust as it rolled and dripped down the sides and into every small crevice between the seats.  (Yes, yet another critter we have who has severe motion sickness!)

We eventually made it to my house whereupon StrayDog immediately made himself right at home.  He ran into the family room, lifted his leg and promptly peed on the entertainment center.   Needless to say, he was quickly put outside.  I called our local pound who advised they were currently full, but would pick him up the following day if need be.  I replied that I'd keep him for a few days in hopes that his owner would turn up.  I subsequently e-mailed our animal control officer a photo and description of the dog.  As you can probably tell, StrayDog is very clearly a beagle/australian shepherd mix--he has a beagle's face and an australian shepherd's body and coloring.  Oh, and have I mentioned that he also has one blue eye and one brown eye?  (I'm a total sucker for blue eyed dogs...and llamas for that matter!)   

As the days passed, StrayDog began to grow on me...despite a few "minor" setbacks.  For example, on the first day, he ate the book the kids and I are currently "reading aloud."

I don't know if he can "Do Hard Things" but he can certainly "Eat Hard Things!"

The following day, he ate the pillow sham on our bed.


I won't even mention the dog bed, the bag of napkins or the throw pillow he's also managed to eat destroy.  Nor will I describe how I awoke one morning only to find over a dozen puddles of dog pee through-out the house--it was evident that StrayDog and Shasta (our 13 yr old husky/border collie mix) literally had an all-night pissing contest! 

Yet despite a few quirks, StrayDog is surprisingly turning out to be a good dog.  On the positive side--he isn't peeing in the house anymore and he's significantly cut down on the number of household items he's destroying.  He's also great with the our cats and he doesn't chase the chicken or other barn animals.  He  doesn't wander off and for the most part, he usually comes when he's called.  Best of all, he loves to go for runs!  I think once he gets neutered (later this month) and gets a bit of training, he's going to be a really great dog.  So much so, I think he's a keeper...and now that he's ours, he has a name.  Meet Zeke (who was almost named PEEter or CHEWbacca). 


  1. Wow! I think they have similar lineage! look at the nose--the eyes--that head tilt! you are a magnet. congrats.

  2. She is indeed a magnet! If I were a stray I would stray on over to Ms. Maureen's for a nice, cushy life. You are the best, Maureen. That dog is one lucky guy! I can't wait to meet him. ;)

  3. Great eyes and nose. He's a lucky boy!