Friday, May 31, 2013

Zeke (the Destroyer) Update

Remember Zeke--the dog I found running down a busy road several months ago?  

Well, it turns out Zeke definitely has a few "issues."  For starters, he's a jumper...and a chewer...and a crotch sniffer...and a shedder...and a....well you get the picture. 

Zeke, our "free" dog has wound up costing us quite a bit. Here is a quick list off the top of my head of some of the things he's destroyed:  2 books, 2 bicycle helmets (he has a "thing" for straps), 2 stuffed animals, 1 dog bed, 6 kilim pillows (he also has a thing for "stuffing"), 1 electric razor, 1 computer power strip, 1 pair of earbuds (yes, he also has a "thing" for electronics) and 1 window screen, .  Needless to say, there's probably a reason his former owners weren't out looking for him.

Unfortunately, Zeke also gets horribly carsick.  This past weekend when we went to WV, we had to board him at a local kennel.  (We can't leave him home with a petsitter, because we wouldn't have a house left by the time we returned and we can't bring him in the car for 8 hours either).  The kennel is about a 10 minute drive from our house and poor ol' Zekie managed to drool profusely over the entire van before he vomited 4 times all over the floor and seat.  (Lesson learned--do NOT feed Zeke dinner before dropping him off at the kennel :-))

But all those little foibles aside, Zeke (who Bob calls "Bad Dog") is definitely growing on me.  He has a joyful enthusiasm for life that I find endearing.  He's definitely bonded to me and consequently, he follows me all over the place.  He loves to run and if he can ever get over the carsickness, I think he's going to be a good camping/hiking dog.  We recently had him neutered and the vet thought he was only about a year he's young...and there's hope that better days are ahead!


  1. I think Bad Dog has tons of potential! All the Riemers fell for him. He may be costly, but he's definitely a lover. Such a sweetheart. Just give it a year or two. Or three.

  2. Wow, Zeke is lucky he found YOU because I don't think I'd have the patience he needs! Lucky Dog. :)

    (Tiff ~ aka DrTiff)